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This is not an ordinary rabbit, in addition to the trademark

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     Remember that rabbit with warm baby Recently, the Beijing High Court rejected the appeal thatXiaolin Pharmaceutical Company could not enjoy copyright after the registration of copyright certificate was later than the application for trademark.In this case, it is the key to obtain the support of the court to prove that the completion time of the work is earlier than the application time of the trademark in dispute.
     Second instance: (2018) Beijing Bank Final 3587
     The collegial panel of second instance:
     Cen Hongyu Dai Yiting Ma Jun
     The rabbit figure involved in the case is an artistic model of rabbit with certain aesthetic significance, which consists of lines and colors. It is an original painting and belongs to an art work in the sense of copyright law.The registration date of the works is January 17, 2013. The completion time and the first publication time of the works are 2002. Combined with the registration information of Japanese trademark submitted by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other evidence such as comprehensive commodity catalogue, it can be concluded that Tong Ash Chemistry enjoys copyright on rabbit graphics in the case without contrary evidence.
     Beijing Higher People's Court
     Administrative Judgment
     (2018) No. 3587, Jinghang End
     Appellant (plaintiff): Trademark Review Member of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
     Appellant (plaintiff): Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
     Third party: Shanghai Yingdu Industrial Co., Ltd.
     上訴人、中華人民共和國國家工商行政管理局商標評審委員會(以下簡稱商標評審委員會)向中華人民共和國北京知識產權法院(以下簡稱商標評審委員會)提出上訴。北京市知識產權法院(2016)北京73chu 889行政判決,2018年7月2日受理后,依法組成合議庭審理,現已結案。
     Beijing Intellectual Property Court found that:
     爭議商標為圖形商標648 5810號(商標標志) 上一篇:Tencent and other game companies are rushing to register the 下一篇:Apple can apply for fuel cell patents for up to several week